Welcome to SenseMagic!

Currently I am busy developing two exciting new products based on my own patented inventions that I hope to release this year. Besides these activities I am also available for freelance work and complete product/prototype development.

Before I started my own company I worked in engineering jobs for more then 10 years (for companies such as Philips, Bosch and Moog). I understand corporate culture and processes and I am a certified Scrum Master, unfortunately this is often not the best enviroment for innovation and prototype development.

Working in a small independent company means I can help you to develop and prototype your idea quicker and cheaper and provide a true 'out of the box' perspective.

For the moment building a fabulous website has dropped off my priority list, but please don't hesitate to call me or mail if you think we can do business together.

I'm happy to discuss your idea and the possibilities for prototyping for no charge. I can also provide a non disclosure agreement.